Government Arts College for Women

Government Arts College for Women

Sivagangai - 630 561, Tamil Nadu

Affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi

Government Arts College for Women

Sivagangai - 630 561, Tamil Nadu

Affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi




116.07.2010Blood Donation Camp
219.07.2010Free Treatment Blood test Urine test
330.07.2010Special treatment Blood pressure
403.07.2010Special treatment anaemia camp
513.08.2010Anaemic camp-(college campus)
615.09.2010One day seminar pallathur
722.10.2010Blood donation camp sivaganga
813.12.2010Haemorrhage and bleeding program(our campus)


919.10.2010Blood donation camp
1020.12.2010Free Blood test
1111.02.2011Anaemic program


1323.08.2011One day seminar pallathur
1415.09.2011Interactive programme
1507.10.2011Blood donation camp
1622.12.2011Anaemic program
1717.02.2012Blood Donation
1814.03.2012Blood test camp


1902.08.2012One day seminar pallathur
2011.09.2012One day conference karaikudi
2118.10.2012Blood Bank &Tsunami Awareness Program
2205.12.2012Dengu Fever Awareness Program
2306.12.2012Blood donation camp
2414.02.2013First Aid & Blood Bank Awareness Program Thirupathur


2529.09.2014Organ’s donation & Blood donation one day students camp, Raja durai singam government Arts College, Sivagangai


2605.03.2015Four Students and Programme officer attend one day camp for students volunteers at RDM college Sivaganga
2723.01.2015AIDS awareness Ralley
2812.02.2015Blood donation awareness meeting
2913.02.2015Essay competition in the topic “Blood donation”
3005.03.2015Merits and Demerits Women’s day celebration


3119.02.2016Blood Donation Camp
3223.02.2016Government Hospital Visit
3311.03.2016Anaemia Awareness Program
3429.03.2016Social Awareness Program
3530.03.2016Vote Awareness Program


3630.01.2017Blood Donation Camp
3701.03.2017Animic Awareness Programme


3829.01.2018Our College Campus Clean
3901.02.2018The Speech Competition  conducted by Seethalakshmi Aachi Women  College, Pallathur  Topic : How to product Natural deserter in Future
4023.02.2018Read Safety Awareness Chief Guest Thiru. C. Bakiratha Nachiyappan


4116.08.2018Today’s Value of Humanity Chief Guest                            C. Bakiratha Nachiyappan
4227.08.2018Road Safety Awareness Programme Chief Guest Dr. M.Banumathi
4324.09.2018Eye Donation Awareness Camp Chief Guest Dr. M.Banumathi
4404.10.2018One Day District Level YRC students study camp Chief Guest Dr. R. Swaminathan


4528.08.2019“District Level Elocution Competition” – Dr.Umayal Ramanathan College, Karaikudi
4604.09.2019“One Day District Level YRC Students Study Camp” – Alagappa Arts College for Karaikudi
4727.09.2019“Sapling Planting” – Government Arts College for Women, Sivagangai
4824.01.2020“Road Safety Awareness Programme” – Government Arts College for Women ,Sivagangai
4903.02.2020“Elocution ,Essay Writing , Drawing Competition:-  RDM College, Sivagangai
5016.03.2020“Disaster Management Awareness Programme” – Collector Office, Sivagangai.